Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor


STORY: The story is about Gopalam, “Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor Sundaram, who wants to move out of his hometown to a city and become a fashion designer. The virtue of the manmadha rekha (cupid line) turns things in Gopalam’s favour in ways he doesn’t expect.

REVIEW: When the movie is announced as a sequel to 1986’s successful Ladies Tailor, enough buzz was created around the film with Sumanth Ashwin as Gopalam. The film though is a typical Vamsy’s template, lacks an engaging narration that could keep a viewer glued to his seat.

Fashion Designer s/o Ladies TailorThe movie begins on an interesting note but fails to live up to the original’s pace and expectations. Gopalam comes to know about the power of his manmadha rekha and test its dynamism on Gedela Rani (Manasa Himavarsha) and eventually on the village head Gavvarraju’s nephew Ammulu (Manali Rathod). Both the ladies fall for Gopalam and the first half is all about establishing Gopalam’s intentions of luring women into marriage with him and realise his dreams of becoming a fashion designer in a city.

Just before the interval, Gopalam meets Maha Lakshmi (Anisha Ambrose) who returns from aboard. Gopalam starts to impress Maha Lakshmi and realises that his rendezvous with the other ladies are being recorded.

In The Second Half

The story takes a turn as the main plot slowly unravels. It seems like the makers have decided to stuff-in some additional drama just for the sake of it and extend the run time of the movie.

How the ladies find out that Gopalam had been cheating on them for money and threaten him to apprise it to Gavvarraju for justice, summarises the second half. While we cannot completely categorise the movie as a regular run-of-the-mill or a re-modelled version of the original film, there is a bit of suspense that may excite you.

Music by Mani Sharma and awe-inspiring cinematography by Nagesh Banell are the major positives in the otherwise tedious film. Picturisation of the songs combined with rich visuals and great music are all what you can enjoy from the film. However, there are some fantastic shots and angles in some scenes, which might catch the attention of keen observers.

But at the end, the climax will give you a slice of Vamsy’s stride of movie narration. In a nutshell, the film could have been made in a bit more convincing manner rather than sticking to the original and repeat the sub-plots.

Watch if you are a fan of Vamsy and his taste of music combined with the beautiful backdrop of the Godavari region.


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