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Hillary Clinton Biography

70-year-old Senator, lawyer, former American woman and senior foreign minister, Hillary Clinton, have been courageous for women around the world, including a lively resident of a suburban family of Chicago’s suburbs, There is a warrant of courage. In 1974, Helri followed the famous Water Gate scandal case of this era. After being resigned from Richard Nixon’s Arkansas University’s Presidency, Hillary was formed as a Configuration member, where she was the first woman’s school. In 1976, when Billy Clinton was elected the Attorney General, Hillary had the opportunity to work with President Jimmy Carter. 

In 1978, at the age of 32, when Bill Clinton got the governor’s office, Tohaili also started his political activities. Being the first lady of Arkansas, she established a Educational Standards Committee, made a hospital for children and set up funding funds for children’s rights, due to which she was named America’s most powerful lawyer. Hillary Clinton has worked closely with Senator Clinton since 2001. In 2007 he tried to get nominated in the Democratic Party in American presidential elections, but Barack Obama won the majority. When the Democratic Party came to power, Hillary preferred to work with President Abbassa as Foreign Minister.

Hillary Clinton’s second number was followed by the German Chancellor Angelina Merkel in the US magazine forbes in the world’s influential women’s year 2016. In 2016, Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party posed a presidential change as a presidential candidate indicating a major change in the US. Of course, both the Democratic and Republican Party’s cats have not been recorded regarding the bilateral relationship between US and Pakistan, but there is no doubt that Hillary Clinton would be more appropriate than the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Early conditions

At eight years old, her parents separated herself and sent her grandfather to Los Angeles to live with her grandparents. Hillary started his political journey as a teenage rebel in the tan era. He admitted to Willesley College and there was more dynamics in politics. He then entered the Yale Law School and became a developmental Democrat, he met with the future husband Bill Clinton in the school library. Both of them got married in 1975, and went to Clinton with his native State Arkansas.

According to White House’s former spokeswoman Bob Weiner, Hillary Clinton is more concerned about the problem of understanding and solving the problem compared to Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, her husband. The White House Continuous stories of involvement in the sexual scandal with Clinton’s Monica Lonsense result in her appearance in American House Representatives.

Helery and Bakhtiar

During the campaign, former Foreign Minister Medin Albert Kadalchasp described that “these women will be made a special place in hell, which does not help other women”. Of course it was a statement intended to help him in the political campaign of Hillary Clinton. According to him, Hillary Clinton took an unusual step by joining an election rally to choose the first female president of America. The fact is that in the US, in many states, compared to Hillary Clinton, young women voted for Barney Sanders more. Perhaps the American nation never forgot them to leave their husband Bill Clinton in the Clinton -Monica Lonsense scandal. The amazing thing is that if the women rejecting Harry was older, the matter came to understand, but with this scandal, they were mostly young in the women who did not vote.

Mr. Obama’s tribute

They never find out the easy way to get out. And that’s why Hillary Clinton did not give up for anything in her life. “



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